Tock Tick (2014)

In this mind bending short from veteran director Shaun Labrecque, a young boy (played by a wise-beyond-his-years Corbin Navarrete) decides it's time to turn the tables on his irritating sister (played by an adorably tenacious Esther Wright) but unfortunately, he takes things a little too far. .out runs time before wrong a reverse must lead young our as clock the against race a it's, Now
Confused? Good! That was the intent. In short, Tock Tick is a must see! WATCH NOW

Chocolate Cake (2014)

From the award winning director of “Free Delivery”, “Present From the Past”, and “Over the Hill” comes a lively family comedy that proves once and for all, that you can have your cake and eat it too. A charismatic Brodie Perry and a hilariously stern Brooke Bang star as the parents of a brood of precocious youngsters (wonderfully played by Dilyn Kimberly Anderson, Conner Fay, Stetson Bowler, Shane Hecksel, and Haylee Anne Bennett) who will do anything to acquire the breakfast they so desperately crave. Producers Caitlin Clementson, Sheldon Demke, and Adam Mast proudly present a charming short film made up of 3 of the 5 major food groups. “Chocolate Cake”--Directed by Shaun Labrecque, himself. WATCH NOW

The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid (2014)

In "The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid", two famed outlaws have a score to settle...With each other!! A rough and tough Ctormy Thomas and a high energy Sheldon Demke star in a western showdown more intense than anything you could possibly imagine. Put together for "The Little Hollywood Shoot-Out" in Kanab, UT, this five minute short was made by Shaun Labrecque, Adam Mast, Sheldon Demke, Ctormy Thomas, and a handful of very dedicated individuals. On March 12th 2014, film-makers of all ages and skill sets were given 52 hours to make a short film from start to finish. Using Kane County locations and the theme "Welcome Home", this is what Team Amateur Empire came up with. "The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid" had the honor of taking home the 1st place trophy, but everyone who took part in this creative film-making challenge was a winner. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror X (2013)

"X" marks the spot as the "Iron...ic Horror" series embarks on its tenth fright filled chapter. The day after Halloween, things are about to get a little grim for a young boy who simply wants to do a good deed for his loving family. Like a shock to the system, the sweet natured but all together shocking "X" is iron clad proof that this legendary franchise is here to stay. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 9 (2012)

A writer (appropriately played by Shaun Labrecque) embarks on a soul searching hike in an effort to be inspired, but as the evening draws near, a severe shortage of ideas leads Shaun to realize that perhaps its time to hang up the iron for good. While horror franchises like "Paranormal Activity" are starting to show wear and tear a mere four chapters in, "IH9" proves that this series is just getting started. WATCH NOW

On the Water (2012)

A woman (played by a stunning Katie Patterson Hulett) will do anything to protect her daughter (played by the gifted Lux Hulett) from the clutches of a mastermind thief. The question remains whether or not this despicable criminal will allow the young girl to live. A haunting exercise in unbearable tension, punctuated by a powerful ending that will allow viewers to come to their own conclusion. WATCH NOW

Noose (2012)

In the silent gem that is "Noose", a legendary lawman (played by a heroic Sheldon Demke) sets out to prove that an infamous crook (played by a dastardly Geoff Demke) can be taken out of this world just as easily as he was brought into it! If "Noose" suggests anything, its that not all is as it seems in the rough and tough western town that is Kane County. WATCH NOW

Urine Trouble (2012)

It's high time Geoff (a hilarious Geoff Demke) found a job, and just when things appear to be looking up, an unexpected drug test forces our affable protagonist into a compromising position. Will a forgiving (and extremely cooperative) girlfriend (played by a gorgeous Brooke Bang) get Geoff out of his predicament, or will the quest for the perfect career continue? The answer to this burning question will be revealed in "Urine Trouble"--The "#1" Comedy of the Year! WATCH NOW

Present from the Past (2011)

A tired father...a yearning mother...three rambunctious teens...two emotionally distraught siblings...a crazy, wild eyed scientist...and Santa Claus! All cross paths in this magical Christmas tale. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 8 (2011)

Its been over 30 years since Jack Torrance caused bloody chaos at the Overlook Hotel, but the memory lives on. Now, over three decades later, a writer discovers that evil is still very much alive at the Iron County Inn. In "IH8", two iconic horror mythologies collide. Quiet, haunting, masterful! WATCH NOW

Free Delivery (2011)

A pizza delivery boy desperately wants to take out the girl of his dreams, but in order to raise enough money to do so, he'll have to face his worst nightmare. Shot on beautiful locations in Southern UT, 'Free Delivery' emerges as a winning blend of humor and heart propelled by the undeniable likability of stars Colten Hooker, Jaqui Baxter, Ctormy Thomas and a precocious Dane Durante. The film won a first place award at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival in Cleveland, OH. WATCH NOW

Fast Food Fighter (2011)

"Fast Food Fighter" was part of the Guerilla Filmmaking Competition and the 2011 Summer Movie Preview Bash. It won the audience choice award. 

Out to fight the fast food consumption epidemic, Fast Food Fighter must rid the world of junk food one drive-thru at a time.

Home (2010)

"Home" was part of the 2010 holiday guerilla film-making competition. 

A surprise gift left on a doorstep brings a young woman great joy. WATCH NOW

IH Seven (2010)

This is not a Shaun Labrecque film. The theme for that years Guerilla Film Making Competition was "Iron...ic Horror". I challenged 16 groups of filmmakers to shoot the 7th installment to the Iron...ic Horror series. It wasn't mandatory but some filmmakers decided to go the extra mile. Out of the few that went down that path, Derek Solberg was one of them. I felt his film captured the spirit of the series and the execution of his 5min short was spot on. Great camera work, editing, location, and acting. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 6 (2010)

The killer iron franchise continues. After losing his brother to an iron a year earlier, Todd goes to the very place his brother died, a grocery store. After over hearing a couple employees talking about the incident, Todd decides to camp out in the store to seek revenge on the appliance that took his brothers life. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 5 (2009)

Death and the Devil join forces in this 5th installment of the household kitchen appliance on a killing rampage. WATCH NOW

Can You Hear Me? (2009)

This story is about a young woman named Kate who relives the past through the diary of her father. Secluded in a quiet grove, she reads about the loss of her mother’s firstborn and soon after her mother. Her father is left to raise her and struggles with the responsibility. He turns to drugs. Things go spiraling out of control when six-year-old Kate is brought along on one of her dad's drug deals. As Kate puts it; "It was the worst nightmare of the worst kind but unfortunately it was real…"  WATCH NOW

Truth Be Told (2009)

After a good run on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", Harry finds himself having to recount how he knew the answers. WATCH NOW

Operation: Rainbow Six (2009)

Operation: Rainbow Six is about a young kid who joins a gaming cult. The objective is to successfully play "Rainbow Six" without looking at the screen. There are 16 stages and all must be done blind. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 4 (2008)

Iron...ic Horror 4 is about a man who faces his fate over and over and over again. He tries to discard it, he tries to destroy it, but it keeps coming back. Death returns in this 4th installment to claim the life of the one who cheats him. Scott Nebeker stars. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 3 (2007)

A young man dreams a tragic death while camping in the mountains. His dream is so vivid, that when he wakes up alive he attracts the presents of death. Death stalks him through the forest, terrifying him every step of the way. WATCH NOW (1) (2)

Facing Heinz (2007)

A Heinz commercial I entered into an online competition. WATCH NOW

PG-4 (2006)

This film was part of a competition and took second place. The theme was "out of time". A few years later the film was re-entered in to a local "best of" competition and was selected  
best film my filmmaker Rocco DeVilliers.

After allowing his 4 year old son to watch "Saw", Simone faces the consequences. WATCH NOW

Watering the Concrete (2006)

A short film about the water we waste. WATCH NOW

The Pathway (2005)

This movie was part of a competition with the theme "End of the World". The film won first place. 

After losing his sister in a car accident, a man tries to cope with his loss. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror 2 (2005)

A year after Iron...ic Horror was entered into Horror Fest I decided to continue telling stories about irons that kill...Don't ask.

Adam Gibby stars in this eye popping continuation of the killer iron franchise. WATCH NOW

Daniel's Story (2005)

COLD! That about sums it up. Well just ask James Beacham, he spent most of the movie with very little clothing. Production took about 5 months in Pine Valley and Cedar Breaks Utah. 

A videographer in the mountains is struck and badly wounded by a vehicle. The driver and passenger think they've killed him, so they bury him in the snow. Daniel fights to survive and documents his journey on his camcorder. WATCH NOW

Iron...ic Horror (2002)

This film was shot in the little town of Thomson, Georgia. This, like "Of My Own Mind" and "Fear Of" was edited as we filmed. Music was later added to the film. The film premiered at Horror Fest hosted by Adam Mast. 

A man cheats death when almost killed by an iron. WATCH NOW

The One He'll Save (2004)

This movie took 4 years of patience and a lot of sweat to make. The raw footage (on VHS) sat in a dresser drawer for two years while I served a mission. When I returned home I had to find someone to edit it. Thanks to Jeff Biggs I was able to learn the editing process and get it done rather quickly. The movie takes place in the summer over the coarse of a few days. Since the movie took over a year to film we were glad we lived in the desert where the scenery hardly ever changes. Fun fact: The final day of shooting was a beautiful brisk winter day. Filming in the desert we just had to play it off like it was hot. The next day when filming had wrapped, it snowed and the mountain was covered. It ran shivers up my spine. 

A young girl is kidnapped and taken to the top of a mountain by a serial killer. A blind young man has a dream of the girl and sets out to rescue her. A mysterious gold ball guides him on his journey. WATCH NOW

Fear Of (2001)

This movie had a lot of the same guidelines as "Of My Own Mind" however, this time we had 24 hours to make the film instead of just 8. Again, James and I collaborated at a local library before shooting our second competition short.

A man must let go of temporal things in order to move on. WATCH NOW

Of My Own Mind (2001)

This 5-minute short was part of a competition held at Dixie State Collage in 2001 run by Nathan Fackrell. The theme was "revenge". James Beacham and I collaborated at a local library for a couple hours before shooting the one actor short. We had just a few hours to complete the film from start to finish so all editing was done in camera. The film won first place, a $200.00 cash prize. 

Things aren't as they seem over at the cemetery.. WATCH NOW